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Language learning materials available

Various materials which facilitate language learning are available at the MLI for language lovers. These include: books, audio and video CDs, software, journals, etc. Our items can be delivered to you either at home or at office.   Order now   40 leçons pour parler anglais – 6,000FCFA 40 leçons pour parler arabe – 6,000FCFA… Continuer à lire »


MLI offers video and audio files transcription services. Do you have an audio or a video file that requires transcription into original language or another language? Entrust it into the hands of the experienced staff of MLI and you will value the result.   Get a free quote now

Conference Interpreting

Do you need the services of one or more interpreters? If yes, then you in the right place. MLI has a rich database of professional conference interpreters with many years experience. Be it consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation or whispering, our interpreters provide accurate rendition of the speaker’s message. They know that in a speech, it… Continuer à lire »


Non Governmental Organization « Languages, Cultures, Sciences and Development »  (LACSCID NGO) is the parent structure of MLI. It is a non-political and non-profit organization established under the law of 1901. More … The LACSCID NGO is the parent structure of MLI. It is a non-political and non-profit organization established under the law of 1901. Its objectives… Continuer à lire »

MLI English club

Practice is essential in learning a language. Given that Benin is a French-speaking country, MLI has established the MLI English Club in order to give more opportunities to its learners to practice their English language. The club meets every Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. at MLI head office. The club is open to anybody… Continuer à lire »

English for kids

English for kids

Holidays in English For Kids (HE4K) Program The ‘’Holidays in English for Kids’’ (HE4K) Program is meant for kids from four (4) to fourteen (14) years. It takes place every year in August. The number of kids is limited to ten (10) in a class for each age bracket: Category A : from 4 to 7… Continuer à lire »

Contact us

MLI is located in Cotonou, in Casse-auto in the street before Houenoussou Health centre when going from Kouhounou Stadium to Cica Toyota Crossroads, in the first tiled building on your right. 041 BP112 Cotonou, Republic of Benin Mobile and Whatsapp : +(229)64 12 45 45 Email: /    


At MLI, we may not be experts in your field of activity, but we are experts in document proofreading and revision. Though we focus on the format (proper use of language, punctuation, formatting, etc…) we usually identify inconsistencies in the substance to which we draw the attention of the client. And more often than not,… Continuer à lire »