Par   24 mai 2023

relectureAt MLI, we may not be experts in your field of activity, but we are experts in document proofreading and revision. Though we focus on the format (proper use of language, punctuation, formatting, etc…) we usually identify inconsistencies in the substance to which we draw the attention of the client. And more often than not, our observations prove relevant.

Let our experienced team proofread your documents. Don’t let typographical errors tarnish the quality of a report you spent months to draft. If your document is void of typographical errors, our work will but confirm it. It’s better to make sure that your document is void of typographical errors than presenting a document before a panel or committee that will waste your time by focusing on worthless typographical errors instead of focusing on the valuable content of your document.

Delivery is fast. And of course, the proofreading is done in track change. Therefore, the final decision is yours!

Proofreading of Dissertations

This service is particularly meant for students getting ready to graduate. In order to avoid the criticism of the board of examiners on the linguistic set-up of your dissertation, give it to us for revision. We have what it takes to help you submit a dissertation, a thesis, or an internship report void of typographical errors.

We ensure prompt delivery. Since the proofreading of the document is done in track changes, it is up to you to accept or reject the changes.

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