English for kids

Par   21 octobre 2014

o-BLACK-GIRL-AFRO-facebookThe Holidays in English For Kids (HE4K) Program

The ‘’Holidays in English for Kids’’ (HE4K) Program is meant for kids from four (4) to fourteen (14) years. It takes place every year in August. The number of kids is limited to ten (10) in a class for each age bracket:

  • Category A : from 4 to 7 years
  • Category B : from 8 to 10 years
  • Category C : from 11 to 14 years



The last two editions of the HE4K Program enabled to:

  • introduce the kids to English language;
  • keep them busy during the holidays and get them back to their studies;
  • make them visit tourist and historic sites of Cotonou and its surroundings;
  • encourage the spirit of excellence in them through gift giving to the best children of each category.


The HE4K Program does not prevent children whose parents so wish to participate in holidays classes. The next edition will kick off in early August 2015.


Testimony about the HE4K Program

“Thanks to the English program organized by MLI during the holidays, my two children picked interest in English language. And when we were in Accra for holidays, I was happy to see that they could respond to greetings from people whenever people greeted them.” Mrs. Rachidath Viviane Gbadamassi, agri-food products retailer


English Courses for children

MLI also offers language courses specially designed for children during the school period. These courses, like those given to adults, take into account the needs of the children (visit to an English speaking country, and preparation for admission into a bilingual school, etc).