About Us

Par   24 mai 2023

A word from the founder

Welcome to the MLI, the best place to learn foreign languages in West Africa. As soon as you set foot in MLI, as our motto says, ‘languages will no longer be your barrier’.

Moudachirou GBADAMASSI





About Us

Moudachirou Language Institute (MLI) is a language institute that has been training language learners from different countries for more than seven years in French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Fon, and Yoruba. Since its creation in 2009, MLI has acquired extensive experience that it uses to service tens of students from various backgrounds who chose MLI for their language learning experience. From its headquarters in Casse-auto, at the heart of Cotonou, MLI makes the beauty of foreign languages shine over the economic capital city of Benin and even beyond through its distance training programme.